Greyest of Blue Skies

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Finger Eleven / 2000-07-25


不知道大家听过夜魔侠的原声带没有,虽然片子一般,但是里面的音乐可都是非常的棒,听起来很有激情,我就是在听了那张专辑之后到处找这个乐团,严格的说Finger Eleven更象美国的后车库,最近忙者复习JAVA所以时间少一点,但这张专辑绝对值得听,有时间我把详细的简介补上,请见谅。以下是国外网友的评价

When Finger Eleven dropped their sophomore effort, "The Greyest Of Blue Skies" in mid-2000, it was sort of lost in the shuffle and hardly got any attention from radio. Most of that could be blamed for the musical climate at the time. Then, it was either Creed or Limp Bizkit, and if you didn't sound like either, you were out. Obviously, though, with the success of their most recent self-titled affair, more people are digging up this old gem and discovering what had been passed over before, even myself. I bought this album when it first came out, but didn't really give it much attention. A few tracks stuck out, but I pretty much let it get lost in a landslide of CD's. About two years ago, it re-emerged, and it has been constantly in and out of my CD player since. Following up their 1998 debut, "Tip," Finger Eleven build upon the sound they established, once again with Our Lady Peace's Arnold Lanni producing. Sonically, it's better than the first. The riffs are larger, the melodies are executed better, the production is better, overall, a better album. Hard rocking tracks like "Drag You Down" and "Suffocate" are sickeningly addictive, while other, more emotional and frail pieces like "Sick Of It All" make a louder statement. The lead-off track, "First Time" remains a favorite, as the band works with the start-stop, loud-to-quiet dynamic that other like-minded bands use, and make it their own. Other highlights include the pummeling "My Carousel" and the powerful closing track (always a tradition with F11) "Stay & Drown." Finger Eleven spans both hard-rock and alternative rock, and have a unique sound of their own. Fans of any kind of rock music could appreciate their sound. If you are new or have only heard the self-titled disc, "Greyest Of Blue Skies" is a good spring-board.

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First Time


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