May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight Be Avenged

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Soil Bleeds Black / 1998-07-06


想象一下那些远古中世纪传说中的生活,质朴的民俗,久远的手工艺品,勇敢的骑士,魔法,小丑,王子与公主的浪漫爱情...这一切尽在The Soil Bleeds Black创作的音乐剧中.
92年,Mark和Michael Riddick这对美国孪生兄弟组建了TSBB,作为中世纪文化的沉迷者.他们的不可避免选择了中世纪民谣作为组合的表达方式.更多的素材,更多的实验,TSBB在探索自己的中世纪道路,这种状态直持续到94年Eugenia Houston成为了TSBB中的一份子,她的出现为组合带了新的可能,甜蜜古朴的声线与Riddick兄弟的中古民间小调调配出一种独特的"美酒"--返朴归真.这正是TSBB的最大魅力所在,在大家听惯了Ataraxia,ESTAMPIE,FREIBURGER SPIELLEYT等华美的中世纪音乐后,用TSBB的作品来放松一下真是享受的不得了.TSBB早期用合成器模仿各种远古乐器的音色,近期Riddick开始使用真正的古乐器演奏来录制专辑,这可是一大进步.叫人欣喜.不多说了,对于TSBB的音乐过多描绘不出什么,只要你听,就会放松下来....我喜欢这种感觉.

May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight Be Avenged的曲目列表

Total Running Time: 1:04:55
Track Listing:
This is a Tale...
Enter the Green Knight
To Strike One Stroke for Another
A Twelvemonth of Fear for the Coming Year
Victory is Mine!
Now Sets Off a Noble Knight
Sorrow with Summer Comes
Sir Gawain Bores his Emblem Bright
Across Country He Rides for the Table Round
A Castle Most Comely
We Welcome Thee, Sir Gawain
There was Meat, There was Mirth, There was Much Joy
The Good Host's Deal
The Lord, his Host, Leads the First Hunt
Fair Pastimes they Pursue
She Kisses the Knight so True
With Many a Brave Blast they Boast their Prize
Sweet Melody
Gallant and True is Sir Gawain Still
Off to the Wood Away
Gracious Gawain Gives Thanks...
Now the New Year Draws Near
In his Richest Raiment
That Princely Steed
Warning from the Man that Rode Nearby
The Chapel Green
What a Place Accursed
Strike Once More
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
The Green Knight Fails at the Third Throw
Hony Soyt Qui Mal Pense
Gawain Sets Out Anew

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