An Announcement to Answer

7.5 53人评价

Quantic / 2006-07-25


Playing with the musical notion of call and response, "An Announcement To Answer" is the title and sound of the fourth Quantic album, the second released domestically by Ubiquity. Chronicling the ever widening musical world of producer, record collector, musician, and DJ Will Holland, a.k.a. Quantic, it's a big sounding shout-out demanding a positive response. The album delivers hip-hop, Puerto Rican, jazz, funk, and soul sounds with a 21st Century twist. Portland based MC Ohmega Watts floats his rhymes over two tracks and Noelle of LA band The Rebirth also makes an appearance.

An Announcement to Answer的曲目列表

An Absence Heard, Presence Felt


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