They Say I'm Different

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Betty Davis / 1974


Featuring a futuristic cover predating David Bowie's science fiction funk, Betty Davis crafted an inspired second album, leading with "Shoo-B Doop and Cop Him" (later sampled by Ice Cube) and made up of classic cuts like "Don't Call Her No Tramp" and the mesmerizing punk soul of "He Was A Big Freak." This was the first album Betty produced entirely by herself and she really sharpened up her songs and performances for it.

This 1974 masterpiece will finally receive a long-overdue proper reissue with Part Two of Oliver Wang's liner notes and an endless array of photos and archival material, plus a number of previously unreleased bonus tracks.

They Say I'm Different的曲目列表

1. B-Doop And Cop Him
2. He Was A Big Freak
3. Your Mama Wants Ya Back
4. Don't Call Her No Tramp
5. Git In There
6. They Say I'm Different
7. 70's Blues
8. Special People

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