Giuseppe Ielasi

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Giuseppe Ielasi / 2006-05-02


Giuseppe lelasi is an Italian experimental guitarist and electronic musician and this is his second release for the hapna label. Known from his improvisatory work with dean reverts, and his highly inventive guitar exploration in the vein of Oren ambarchi and Loren conors lelasi also founded the well-respected fringes label. The new untitled album by Giuseppe lelasi lives in a land of light and shade. The mist lies thick but close to the ground and it's glowing and sparking. Reflection shoot wildly in encrypted tongues. Hapna.2006

Giuseppe Ielasi的曲目列表

1 Untitled 10:20
2 Untitled 9:20
3 Untitled 8:31
4 Untitled 4:38
5 Untitled 8:06

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