Confines of Heat

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The Mercury Program / Maserati / 2006-01-31


专辑类型:Post-rock Other / Rock / Crunk
这张是The Mercury Program和Maserati共同的作品.作品里融入的元素很多.第一首You Give Me Problems About My Business曲子刚刚开始就已经吸引上了我的耳朵.淡淡的电子再加上吉他由弱到强缓缓的旋律点缀,而后马上出现节奏鲜明的鼓点.全曲一气合成.时缓时急的鼓点,一小段一小段重复的吉他.电子打底!无限正!第三首Crusading Theme一直就是另我有点压抑的电声,缓慢的走着~走着~.气氛诡异,直到2:15秒那一刻,真鼓点一出现,气氛瞬间就被完全转变! (转自
REISSUED! Mercury Program was born in 1997 in Gainesville, FL. Mercury Program’s “collective sound is very much groove-oriented at the bottom, but given to loopy, spinning guitar bits, and Phillip Glassish melodic abstraction on the vibraphone and keyboard” according to pitchfork media. Maserati are a band from Athens, GA that started in 2000. “Maserati has a huge confident sound full of spacious atmospheric guitar work grounded by a tight rhythm section and prominent, dynamic basslines” according to pitchfork media

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You Give Me Problems About My Business


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