Sounds of the Animal Kingdom

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Brutal Truth / 摇滚 / 1997-09-23


Sounds of the Animal Kingdom was the final studio album by grindcore band Brutal Truth before the release of their 2009 album Evolution Through Revolution. This album features a more varied style than previous albums, incoroporating grindcore, crust punk, experimental rock and elements of other genres.

Sounds of the Animal Kingdom的曲目列表

1. Dementia
2. K.A.P.
3. Vision
4. Fucktoy
5. Jemenez Cricket
6. Soft Mind
7. Average People
8. Blue World
9. Callous
10. Fisting
11. Die Laughing
12. Dead Smart
13. Sympathy Kiss
14. Pork Farm
15. Promise
16. Foolish Bastard
17. Postulate Then Liberate
18. It's After The End Of The World
19. Machine Parts
20. 4.20
21. Unbaptized
22. Prey

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