Dwight Spitz

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Count Bass D / 说唱 / 2002-12-10


Dwight Spitz is an album by American hip hop artist and multi-instrumentalist Count Bass D, his second full-length studio album. It was released on August 30, 2002 on High Times. After the release of Pre-Life Crisis, Dwight felt he overshot his own talent. In 2002, Count decided to make a more Hip Hop themed album, so he bought an Akai S-3000 sampler, and an MPC-2000 drum machine and quickly learned to create beats using samples. Dwight Spitz is Dwight's first leap into an album with a more traditional Hip Hop theme.[2] The album features collaborations with Edan, J. Rawls, Dione Farris, and MF DOOM. A deluxe edition was released on Count Bass D's Bandcamp on August 25, 2013 to celebrate the album's ten year anniversary. The deluxe includes 6 new bonus tracks.[3]

Dwight Spitz的曲目列表

01 Jussa Playa
02 Aural S(ECT)s
03 Gon' Get Yours
04 Antemeridian
05 Postmeridian
06 How We Met (featuring Edan)
07 Just Say No
08 Sanctuary
09 Subwoofer (Dumile)
10 Truth To Light
11 Real Music vs. Bu11$#!+
12 August 25, 2001
13 Hello Test Test (featuring Cana & Hezekiah)
14 Blackman Dreams (featuring Lil D)
15 Reign Or Shine (featuring Rayna Shine)
16 Quite Buttery (featuring MF DOOM)
17 Blues For Percy Carey
18 Seven Years (featuring Dionne Farris)
19 Ohio Playas (Produced By J. Rawls)
20 Dwight Spitz
21 Make A Buck (featuring MF DOOM)
22 My First Piece (featuring Oriana lee & Hezekiah)
23 Take Control
24 Coming Soon
25 Beat 4our

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