Bumeran, Bumeran

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Apenino / 2004


We are proud to present the first album by Apenino. This is a project with which Marco A. Maril has reached his maturity after the unforgettable adventure of Dar Ful Ful. "Bumerán, bumerán" ("Boomerang, Boomerang") is a work full of small but beautiful shiny diamonds which make up a brilliant jewel of an album for sensitive hearts and souls in search of beauty among the wreckage of daily life. It contains ten songs full of Marco's magic, thrown to the air by the artist like a true boomerang, which we hope will get back to him in the form of the most precious treasure.
After his first record, CD EP "En la hora azul" (Jab-024), Apenino has widened his horizon from that wee blue hour to the whole of day. The daytime follows the night time in a beautiful panorama we had just guessed about in in his first offering of songs. "Bumerán, bumerán" brings on the full picture, complete with all the subtleties and intense colours and beats of a gleeful diamond, of a splendid masterpiece. In this record Marco with kind help from Arturo Vaquero at the desk has brewed again his particular blend of simple ingredients, charming ambience and moving lyrics, enhanced for the occasion with evoking guitars (Marco and Santi)
and velvet-like backing vocals (Carmen). Topping it all, a nice range of detailed arrangements which transform this project is Marco's most complete work to date, thanks to the fact that this has been his first true solo project in which he has been able to develop his compositions and express himself freely.
Apenino's songs scan daily life in search of adventurous, intense stories, and he does so by offering them wrapped in his particular own way of understanding pop music; a smart weave of acoustic and electronic sounds which has taken most of his time for the past few years. The result is so peculiar that his circle of musical 'relatives' (those to relate with his ways of understanding pop music) is quite small, but select: East River Pipe, The Magnetic Fields, M?rz, Harvey Williams, Harper Lee, Ana D, Parade.

Bumeran, Bumeran的曲目列表

1. Pablo Miente
2. Cielo
3. El Aire De Nuestra Galaxia
4. Lunares Rojos y Naranjas
5. El Deseo Tuerce La Flecha
6. Lejos De Ti
7. Nada Especial
8. Moonriver y Yo
9. De Viaje Sin Ti
10. Mapa

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