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Fortdax / 2006-02-14


Nigh-on three years after 'folly' and at least 18 moons since the john peel session where the ideas were first aired, Darren Durham returns under the fortdax moniker with his somewhat-overdue new album. No, he's not entirely sure where the time went either…what can be said for certain though is that 'divers' is noticeably different in to & hue to its predecessor and assuredly darker, although its core, as with previous fortdax releases, remains firmly rooted in melody. Folly' went on to be regarded as an 'ambient' work in certain quarter, but Darren swears that this was largely due to the low-volume mastering. Suffice it to say that 'divers' contains less of 'those Vangelis synthesizers' and a sleeve instruction to play much louder'. This time around, there may also be other musicians involved, an amount of real (read 'physical') instrumentation, and at least one field recording from the Bronte country valley where he lives & works. As per 'folly', the album is dedicated to his dog 'meg' although as with his geographical placement, that's not necessarlly significant. Very Frien. 2006




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