Heaven In Flames

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Judas Iscariot / 2000-04-18


Judas Iscariot comes from a small yet elite element of the black metal underground that puts diabolic ideology and anti-Christian philosophy before anything else. In denying the superficial reqrds of the materialistic music industry, Judas Iscariot conjures hatred and violence from the depths of the underground. To this day Judas Iscariot refuses to lose sight of the ideals which black metal was founded upon; to create music with the intention of spreading hateful totalitarion propaganda

Heaven In Flames的曲目列表

1. An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire 07:56
2. Gaze Upon Heaven In Flames 06:20
3. Eternal Bliss...Eternal Death 06:55
4. Before A Circle Of Darkness 05:26
5. From Hateful Visions 05:03
6. Spill The Blood Of The Lamb 03:58
7. An Ancient Starry Sky 03:28

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