United Paper People

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Kisschasy / 2005-01


The debut album from Melbourne band Kisschasy features the current single 'Do-Do's and Whoa-Oh's'. The album was produced by Phil Mckellar (Grinspoon, Silverchair) & mixed by Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters). This strictly limited edition comes with a 4 track acoustic bonus disc containing 'Reminder' , 'Stay Awake' , 'The Way They Walk' & 'Love Affair With Distance'. Virgin. 2005.

United Paper People的曲目列表

Disc 1
1. Do-Do's & Whoa-Oh's
2. With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends?
3. Morning
4. This Bed
5. Hearing Voices Tonight
6. Interlude
7. Water on a Stove
8. Shake
9. Face Without a Name
10. United Paper People
11. Ione Skye
12. What We Become
13. Black Dress
Disc 2
1. Reminder [Acoustic][*]
2. Stay Awake [Acoustic][*]
3. Way They Walk [Acoustic][*]
4. Love Affair with Distance [Acoustic][*]

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