Loneliest in the Morning

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Julie Doiron / 1997


Doiron began her music career in 1990 playing bass in Eric's Trip, the undisputed underground darlings of Canadian music. After their breakup, she began her solo career. "Loneliest In The Morning", originally released in 1997 by Sub Pop, was her second solo release and first as Julie Doiron (having dropped the moniker Broken Girl). This re-issue comes complete with three bonus tracks.

Loneliest in the Morning的曲目列表

1. So Fast
2. Dance Me
3. Sorry, Pt. 1
4. Tell You Again
5. Explain
6. Crying, Baby
7. Tonight, We Sleep
8. Mother
9. Love to Annoy
10. Creative Depression
11. Sorry, Pt. 2
12. Condescending You
13. Le Soleil
14. Le Soleil

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