Body of Sin

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Arcana / 2002


We who thought we saw the last breath of Arcana, as the previous offering "...The last embrace" came out, were all wrong! The title did NOT indicate that we got a last embrace, it indicated the last embrace of an era that had to end sooner or later. Hereby presenting two new songs more consequent and mature than ever before, with an accoustic approach and years of experience giving result in a diverse and professional sound and performance. "We rise above" gives us an intimate view into Peter's thoughts and ways of working with real timpanies, accoustic guitars and hammered dulcimer. "Body of sin" is probably the most different song we have heard in the history of Arcana. With this new single we see Arcana evolving from a child into a grown individual and the sound has never before been this honest or more brilliant! 3000 copies limited edition in gatefolded 8cm CDS.

Body of Sin的曲目列表

01. We Rise Above
02. Body of Sin


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