Who Loves the Sun

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Portastatic / 2006-06-06


This marks Mac McCaughan's second foray (following 2001's "Looking For Leonard") into soundtrack work in the guise of his musical alter ego, Portastatic. Inspired by film music from composers such as Henry Mancini, Ry Cooder, Francis Lai, and Piero Umiliani, Portastatic's score is a beautiful musical interpretation of the themes of the people we love and how much we hate them, sex, and the ensuing tensions that can arise within the confines of friendship and the extended family. In addition to Mac's traditional guitar-based songs, he incorporates strings, oboe, flute, and piano to propel the infectious melodies. Fans of Belle Orchestre, Rachel's, and Calexico will enjoy this score. The film stars Lukas Haas and Molly Parker.

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Will's Return


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