Wilhelm Gustloff

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A Challenge Of Honour / 2003


Originally released as an extremely limited CDR for friends only, this legendary album is now re-issued, including three extra tracks! Sometimes bleak, sometimes anthemic, a tribute to the victims of the sinking of the `Wilhelm Gustloff` ship in WW2.

Wilhelm Gustloff的曲目列表

1. Interlude
2. 1938
3. Voelkerwanderung
4. Departure
5. Torpedos
6. So Gross Wie Die Ganze Welt
7. Heiliges Feuer
8. Ehret Das Leben
9. Only Stones Remain (Instr.)
10. Feux-Fire (Instr.)
11. Ritual Suicide
12. Weakness
13. Das Blut Der Helden
14. The Archangel (Part 2)
15. Havamal (Part 2)

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