Transparent Things

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Fujiya & Miyagi / 电子 / 2007-01-23


Fans of Hot Chip and Air will appreciate Fujiya & Miyagi's brand of witty and wiry electronica. Singer Dave Best whispers obtuse stream-of-consciousness lyrics about scoring new kicks ("Collarbone") and getting socked by a girl ("Sucker Punch") over slinky dance-punk backdrops. "We were just pretending to be Japanese," the frontman playfully repeats in "Photocopier." But don't be fooled -- their urban jungle soundtrack is the real deal.

Transparent Things的曲目列表

1. Ankle Injuries
2. Collarbone
3. Photocopier
4. Conductor 71
5. Transparent Things
6. Sucker Punch
7. In One Ear & Out The Other
8. Cassettesingle
9. Cylinders

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