Morning Sci-Fi

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Hybrid / 2003-10-14


Formed back in 1993, Hybrid is Mike Truman and Chris Healings. Their debut LP Wide Angle and its sister release Wider Angle (repackaged with remixes and live recordings) has sold a total of 33,000+ copies to date in the US. This led to Mike and Chris DJ’ing and performing live around the world, including 48 dates supporting Moby on the Play US Tour.

Now in 2003, these UK Progressive House favorites have delivered a powerful opus with Morning Sci-Fi. Equally exquisite and menacing, the group's second proper full length combines its signature progressive house/breakbeat fusion with cinematic, orchestral flourishes and sturdy rock inferences.

The marriage of live instrumentation and electronic experimentation evident on Morning Sci-Fi is by no means accidental, having wowed this year’s Winter Music Conference, Glastonbury Festival and Fabric with their astonishing new live show complete with groundbreaking visuals, and it eventually provided for some of the album’s truly inspired collaborations.

Recorded in Russia and at Hybrid’s studio in Wales, Morning Sci-Fi features appearances by legendary New Order bassist Peter Hook, drummer Richard Thair (Red Snapper), NY-based DJ/remixer John Creamer, The Hermitage String Orchestra, and vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III, BT, Way Out West) joining band members Alex Madge, Tim Hutton (Groove Armada) and new discovery, vocalist Adam Taylor.

The album title Morning Sci-Fi points to the band's effective presentation of emotional technology. It offers a knowing nod to the sound effects and deft production these accomplished architects have painstakingly created over the last two years and also acknowledges that slightly twisted hour of day between darkness and daybreak which purposefully evokes the feel of the album.

The included Bonus DVD has 40 minutes of footage including clips from the 1999 Moby US Tour, interviews with Hybrid and Peter Hook, and live concert footage from Dublin, Ireland filmed in May 2003.

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This Is What It Means


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