Best Wishes: Best of Club 8

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Club 8 / 流行 / 2005-02-15


一把清冽澄澈的声音,沉淀所有的躁动与不安。瑞典清新厂牌Labrodor旗下头号乐队club 8在这个冬日出尘而来,和所有敏感忧郁的小心灵一起,“Love in December”。
本专辑是韩国唱片公司出品的Club 8的精选集,收录了"Love in December," "My Heart Won't Break" 、 "Next Step You'll Take"等精华歌曲,是非常有必要听的一张。

Best Wishes: Best of Club 8的曲目列表

01. Love In December
02. Hope For Winter
03. You & Me
04. Spring Came, Rain Fell
05. Boyfriends Stay
06. My Heart Won't Break
07. We're Simple Minds
08. She Lives By The Water
09. Next Step You'll Take
10. Beauty Of The Way We're Living
11. Everlasting Love
12. Stay By My Side
13. End Of The Affair
14. All I Can Do
15. Cold Hearts
16. Saturday Night Engine
17. Chance I Deserve
18. Sometimes I Felt Like a Loser
19. This Is The Morning
20. Missing You

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