That Which Is Tragic And Timeless

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Desiderii Marginis / 2005-09-15


Desiderii Marginis was formed in 1993 and is the spawn and emotional outlet of Johan Levin, who is also the sole member. The musical hallmark of this act can best be described as eerie dark-ambient, often on an almost epical scale, sadness in it’s splendor. These things are also the subject matter of Desiderii Marginis’ songs in general -’That which is tragic and timeless’,
The american painter Mark Rothko once said that art should deal primarily with ’that which is tragic and timeless’. For this release Desiderii Marginis decided to pick up this idea – not as a dogma or rule, but rather like a distant echo, encapsulating and encompassing everything that I have ever tried to accomplish in terms of music. Epic sounds of solitude - music as comfort and refuge, as a mirror of all the shortcomings and flaws that constitutes the human nature. The ordinary world is explored, mapped and claimed. Still, the landmarks of our inner continents are remarkably few, and they remain unnamned. But the journey goes on…

That Which Is Tragic And Timeless的曲目列表

01. Worlds apart
02. Still life
03. Secrets of the future past
04. The weight of the world
05. It's a cold trail
06. The love You find in hell
07. Stolen silence
08. Where I end and You begin
09. Freedom's captive

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