Brutal Youth (With Bonus Disc)

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Elvis Costello / 2002-02-19


Rhino Records expanded reissue, completely remastered and packaged with a bonus disc of rarities. Bonus disc content - 'Life Shrinks', 'Favourite Hour' (Alt. Version), 'This Is Hell' (Alt. Version), 'Idiophone', 'Abandon Words', 'Poisoned Letter', 'A Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety', 'Pony St.' (Demo), 'Clown Strike' (Alt. Version), 'Rocking Horse Road' (Demo), '13 Steps Lead Down' (Demo), 'All The Rage' (Demo), 'Just About Glad' (Alt. Version), 'Sulky Girl' (Demo) & 'You Tripped At Every Step' (Alt. Version). 2002.

Brutal Youth (With Bonus Disc)的曲目列表

Pony St.


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