Buzzin' Fly, Vol. 3

8.5 24人评价

Ben Watt / 2006-07-11


Spoken word extracts from 'Approaching Phantoms' by Ben Watt feat Jennifer Valone appear in tracks 10, 12, 13 and 15, and from 'Hoop Dreams' by Ben Watt (feat. Malika Booker) in tracks 03 and 15, and from 'Old Soul' by Ben Watt (feat. Baby Blak) in tracks 03, 06 and 14. Live MC announcement by Marianne appears in track 08. Acapella extracts from `Do You Feel?' by Automagic feat Aswan appear in track 10.

Buzzin' Fly, Vol. 3的曲目列表

Gazebo (Intro Loop)/Fairmont


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