Ultimate Collection

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Billy Preston / 2000-03-21


The key to Billy Preston's success, from the mid `70's to the early `00's has been diversity. With a career that has spanned from Ray Charles to the Beatles and from gospel to funk to rock, Preston was quoted in Rolling Stone circa `71 as saying "Young whites, young blacks, old people, jazz people - I want `em all." While that sort of open-armed pursuit of music fans everywhere helped to cement Preston's position as a worlwide superstar, it also makes his place in rock history hard to pigeonhole. He's too R&B for classic rockers, too pop for the funketeer camp, and not camp enough for the folks who remember the `70's for "Kung-Fu Fighting" or "Afternoon Delight"
When you get right down to it though, it's not about the genre classification, it's about the music.
This Ultimate Collection has 20 of Billy's best, ready to remind you not only why clerks had a hard time figuring out where to file him, but why they couldn't keep his records in the store!

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Will It Go Round in Circles


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