...and We Shall Call Him Joseph

8.4 20人评价

Hypatia Lake / 摇滚 / 2006-06-13


"...And We Shall Call Him Joseph", the latest from Hypatia Lake, examines the life and motivations of Joseph Bigsby, a resident of the fictitious town that shares the band's name. The band's psychedelic, washed-out soundscapes evolve around melodic vocals and quirky pop sensibilities, finding all sorts of captivating waypoints between rock-out abandon and beautiful, tender reverie. They've earned comparisons to MBV, the Flaming Lips, and Galaxie 500.

Hypatia Lake recorded the new record at Chroma Sound with Zack Reinig (Black Heart Procession, Blonde Redhead, Alan White) and at London Bridge Studios with Dave Hillis (Afghan Whigs, Dinosaur Jr., Pearl Jam). Weeks of post-recording production, Reinig's instrumental contributions and a stellar mastering job by Joe Gastwirt (Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix) helped to create an album whose sonic depth and quality will leave listeners' jaws agape and ears tingling.

...and We Shall Call Him Joseph的曲目列表

Opening Scene: A Hollow Star Descends


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