Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Ferry Corsten / 2005-06-28


Hailing from Rotterdam City, The Netherlands, Ferry Corsten has quickly grown into one of the world’s foremost DJ/Producers. In 2005, he was voted #5 DJ in the world by UK’s DJ Magazine, and #8 in America by BPM Magazine. Ferry, along with fellow Dutchmen Tiesto and Armin Van Buren, are champions of the ever-popular Dutch trance sound. With a handful of acclaimed mix albums under his belt, as well as his lauded debut artist album, Ferry is now primed and ready to take his signature sound to the next level with the launch of his "Passport" series. The first installment of "Passport" will feature Ferry returning to his DJ role on this mixed double CD set, yet the album also features a handful of exclusive productions and remixes from Ferry himself. These include his bootleg remix of BT's "Force or Gravity" and "Underwater" under Ferry's System F alias, amongst others. With a track selection that moves from smooth and melodic to big and banging, "Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands" is set to become a fan-favorite trance mix.

Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands的曲目列表

Cassino & Laben "Leaving Panic Behind" (Flash Brothers Remix)


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