Letters from the Earth

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No-Neck Blues Band / 流行 / 2006-05-23


Letters From The Serth was NNBB's first digital output and is a document of their first ever outdoor Orthodox Easter concert in 1996 (maintained every year since, many of which are documented - Letters From The Serth, Birth Of Both Worlds & Parallel Easters). Co-released with the Ser label, this double CD outputs 111 or so minutes worth of this group's dizzying array of sonic blattage, cable disruption, tribal tranceadelics and trip or drone aesthetic. Have heard that this was largely recorded on a NYC rooftop, but you certainly can't hear any breeze -- there is, however, some serious driftage going on all over the place. Out-of-nowhere double album magnum opuses tend to go on to have genre defining significance, and it's easy to see this one having research visibility for decades to come, as the pinnacle of its contemporary scene. Packaged in a slimline jewel case (to assure those worried this thing would come wrapped in tree bark or something), with an intriguing multi-page booklet of almost Gysin-esque hieroglyphics. - Jimmy Johnson/Forced Exposure (1996)

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