Bruckner: Symphony No. 8

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Günter Wand / Berliner Philharmoniker / 古典 / 2002-10-08


Gunter Wand was the Last of What Many Regard to have Been the Greatest Generation of Bruckner Conductors. This Glorious Interpretation of Bruckner's Seventh Symphony was Among Wand's Final Recordings and it features all of the Knowing Characteristics which Sealed his Distinguished Reputation. Tempos Are Often Treacherously Powerful and Broad, and his Ability to Shift Dynamics and Subtly Gradate Orchestral Texture is Peerless. The Berlin Philharmonic Are Remarkably Responsive Throughout Performing with a Clarity and Precision Only an Orchestra with their Many Decades of Experience with Conductors Who've Continued to Champion Bruckner Could. The Sound is Appropriately Big and Full with a Solid Presence that Belies Its Live Recording.

Bruckner: Symphony No. 8的曲目列表

I. Allegro moderato


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