On: Audio

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Au4 / 2006


"On: Audio" was produced by Au4 and Richard Dolmat at Digital Sound Magic studios in Vancouver and is released on their own label, Torn Open Records. The nine tracks draw from trip-hop, ambient and dreampop styles, featuring the breathy, haunting vocals of Ben Wylie, who also scripted the fantastical stories of love and life.
A melancholic tone weaves throughout "On: Audio", but the mood is of contemplative optimism: The acoustic-guitar laced love song "Hit and Miss" undulates like a watery embrace. The bass-driven "A Mile From Here" is an up-tempo track ready for clubs. Even the epic "An Ocean's Measure of Sorrow" rocks, a fresh take on the piano ballad. "Everything Always Moving" sums up the album's hypnotic qualities and themes of hope.

On: Audio的曲目列表

1. Hit And Miss
2. A Mile From Here Is A Hole Where I Buried Your Love
3. Everything Always Moving
4. An Ocean's Measure Of Sorrow
5. The Tree That Lived And Died
6. Paper Cuts From Paper Butterflies
7. Undone By Dandelions
8. Of Dreams
9. One Thousand Rivers

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