Shining Silver Skies

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Ashram / 古典 / 2006


"Shining Silver Skies"
Digipak CD 2006
Equilibrium Music - EQM010
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Ashram is back after some 4 years with a splendid second album. Shining Silver Skies contains very delicate and beautiful neoclassical music. This music is the ultimate way to get totally relaxed and to enjoy intensively in a way in which everything seems to be very light. In weight, in colour and in sound. The music has just about the exact right balance between light atmospheres and deep emotions without getting all pathetic or bombastic. The ingeniously thought-out and very versatile piano sounds by Luigi Rubino create the base over which the violin of Edo Notarloberti plays it’s arrangements. There can sometimes also be heard a chello sound which adds the necessary depth to the compositions. The whole picture regarding this pure music with a slightly nostalgic character is made complete by the wonderful, sometimes almost crooning, vocals of Sergio Panarella. Sergio’s voice is melodic and has a certain degree of accessibility that borders the popular and which ensures that the music doesn’t come across as too heavy or pompuous yet deliciously balances on that fine thin line. This is truly exceptionally good.

Shining Silver Skies的曲目列表

1. 5 Steps
2. Maria And The Violin's String
3. Sweet Autumn, Pt. II
4. Lullaby
5. Il Mostro
6. All' Imbrunire
7. Last Kiss
8. Elizabeth
9. For Each And Every Cild
10. Tango Para Mi Padre Y Marialuna
11. Lady
12. Shining Silver Skies
13. Rose And Air
14. Ultimo Carillon

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