Classical Graffiti


Planets / 古典 / 2002-08-19


The title of the Planets' debut album, Classical Graffiti, aptly encapsulates the latest project by Mike Batt, whose career has long steered a path between camp & classical, from serious orchestral concerts to pop hits, from film scores to masterminding the Wombles. Recently Batt gave the world Bond, & the Planets are even more of the same--four classically trained young women, this time partnered by four classically trained young men. The result is 16 Batt-arranged & produced tracks, both originals & covers of famous classical melodies, some acoustic, most given a polished MOR rock-dance twist. The Planets made their public debut supporting Deep Purple's 2002 UK tour & there's more than a hint of 1970s prog-rock, which, combined with an energetic feel, should go down a storm with an enthusiastic audience. This special Asian pressing includes a bonus Audio/Video CD which features an Electronic Press Kit (Video viewable on most DVD players), 'Rodrigo (Music Video viewable on most DVD players) & two non-LP audio tracks, 'Rodrigo' (WIP Extended Version) & 'Contradanza (Almighty Radio Edit Mix)'. 21 tracks in all. Standard & single jewel cases in a slipcase. 2002.

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