Palaa aurinkoon

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Islaja / 2005


This is the second full-length by Islaja, originally released in 2005. Palaa Aurinkoon was born in two different places that have been sewn together with a binding of words within a rich sound world. Here and there, Islaja's friends have lent their voices to this world. Loose guitar paths, long strokes of wind instruments, glasses and toys that clink, rattle and tinkle, rhythms, keyboards and Islaja's wonderful, many-faceted voice coo in a miraculous net. The album is a spontaneous texture of muscle, cartilage and liquid, everything organized in such a surprising way, that one can't believe right away that it's a human being, but soon enough, it becomes clear that it's a most ingenious creature. It evolves by itself. It tells us how everything metamorphoses, it relies on itself and infuses belief into the listener that one can change the world.

Palaa aurinkoon的曲目列表

1. Laivat saapuu
2. Rohkaisulaulu
3. uni pöllönä olemisesta
4. Palaa aurinkoon
5. Haaveilija
6. Senkun tanssitaan
7. Sateen tullessa
8. rukki
9. Tule puutarhaan
10. Vaeltajan laulu
11. rukous

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