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Atrium Carceri / 2005


Simon Heath is back for the 3rd time with a new album taking us on a dark blackened journey. Beyond the malignant jail cells and narrow asylum walls, our hidden tormentors laugh at us from a world of smoke and mirrors. Kapnobatai, the third installment from Atrium Carceri, ventures further still into the wretched world beyond the place we so resignedly inhabit, and into the sublimely unkown. Shattered yet enlightened we are thrust forcefully through the illusion of our making, to the ancient sprawling city that is the one true testament to human achievment. The visions of the Kapnobatai (those who walk in smoke) are seen, heard and felt in this genderbending and exquisitely detailed black ambient album from philosopher/visionaire/composer/artist Simon Heath. This is a place of ancient machines, rusty walls and whispered sighs. With lavish attention to detail this profound composition of the mind wrests the listener away from the mundane, perchance never to return. Expected late September, 2005 on Cold Meat Industry.


1. Enclosed World Liberation
2. Behind The Curtain Of Life
3. Impaled Butterfly
4. Maintenance Tunnels
5. Wrapped Cloth
6. A Stroll Through The Ancient City
7. Synaptic Transmission
8. Ruins Of Desolation
9. Torn Citadel Of The Autarch
10. Monolith Of Dreams
11. Stained Pipes
12. Thermographic Components
13. The Corruptor
14. The Carnophage





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