Black Ships Ate the Sky

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Current 93 / 2006-05-23

Black Ships Ate the Sky的曲目列表

1. Idumea (Vocals: Marc Almond)
2. Sunset (The Death of Thumbelina)
3. Black Ships In The Sky
4. Then Kill Caesar
5. Idumea(Vocals: Bonnie "Prince" Billy)
6. This Autistic Imperium Is Nihil Reich
7. Dissolution Of The Boat "Millions Of Years"
8. Idumea (Vocals: Baby Dee)
9. Bind Your Tortoise Mouth
10. Idumea (Vocals: Antony)
11. Black Ships Seen Last Year South Of Heaven
12. Abba Amma (Babylon Destroyer)
13. Idumea (Vocals: Clodagh Simonds)
14. Black Ships Were Sinking/ Idumea (Vocals: Cosey Fanni Tutti)
15. Beautiful Dancing Dust (Vocals: Antony)
16. Idumea (Vocals: Pantaleimon)
17. Vauvauvau (Black Ships In Their Harbour)
18. Idumea (Vocals: David Tibet)
19. Black Ships Ate The Sky
20. Why Caesar Is Burning, Pt. 2
21. Idumea (Vocals: Shirley Collins)

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