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Pale Sunday / 2005-09-27


Strong debut album from popular Brazilian indiepop band Pale Sunday. The trio turned heads with its 2003 single `A Weekend With Jane' earning acclaim from international music press and comparisons to indie legends Another Sunny Day and Razorcuts plus contemporary bands Brideshead and Aerospace. Since then, the band has contributed covers of Smiths and Sportique songs to Matinée compilations `Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware' and `Matinée 50' while writing and recording the ten new songs for this album. `Summertime?' has all the essential POP! ingredients…jangling guitars, addictive choruses, tambourines, trumpets, handclaps, sha-la-la's and perfect melodies. Sometimes the guitars get fuzzy in classic shoegaze fashion but in the end the bright shimmering pop songs and spirit of `86 take over. The band wears 80s British pop influences on its sleeves but somehow manages to sound completely modern with some of the catchiest songs of the year. In addition to nine English language hits the album features one song in the band's native Portuguese, which of course is the most beautiful language in the world. Bacana!


1. The White Tambourine
2. Mary
3. Sunday Morning
4. Twiggy Superstar
5. My Punk Girl
6. Never Fall Apart
7. She'll Never Be Mine
8. 1978
9. A Safe Place
10. Strangeways





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