Gipsy Freedom

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Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice / 2006-02-21


While past releases saw the band's avant folk dosed somewhat conservatively with the blues, free jazz, heavy psych, and metal, "Gipsy Freedom" brings these other, non-folk elements to the fore and generally turns the volume up. It's the band's most confounding and rewarding release. You may hear the faint echoes of "Island Harvest"-era Albert Ayler on one track, Iommi-derived riffage on the next, torch songs that sound torn straight from the Gershwin songbook on the next, and Can-style epic grooves on the next. Radically different, yet sustaining the group's high level of musical and thematic consistency, "Gipsy Freedom" is the sound of a band breaking out of the box and using the discarded shapes to construct strange new universes.

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Friend, That Just Isn't So


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