Soul of Romanticism

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Elijah's Mantle / Ozymandias / 1999


Mark St. John Ellis of Elijah's Mantle performing a selection of poetry from English romantic poets to the piano compositions of Christophe Terrettaz of Ozymandias. Includes works by Shelley, Keats, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Byron. 12 tracks. 1999 release.

Soul of Romanticism的曲目列表

1. Love's Philosophy By PB Shelley
2. Ozymandias By PB Shelley
3. When I Have Fears By J Keats
4. Why Did I Laugh Tonight? By J Keats
5. Surprised By Joy By W Wordsworth
6. To Asra By S Coleridge
7. A Complaint By W Wordsworth
8. Kubla-Khan By S Coleridge
9. The World Is Too Much With Us By W Wordsworth
10. Sonnet On Chillon By Lord Byron
11. A Fragment By Lord Byron
12. When We Two Parted By Lord Byron

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