Against Perfection

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Adorable / 摇滚 / 1993-05-04


Adorable's hugely overlooked and grossly underappreciated debut album, "Against Perfection", is easily among the finest pieces of pure pop pleasure I have in my ridicously bloated CD collection. If you enjoy the darker, moodier side of pop music (especially if you listen to British alt/indie rock), and if you have a sweet tooth for the 3-4 minute single, then this album is for you.
Opening track "Sunshine Smile" is simply breathtaking. This song is so good, it is worth the price of the CD alone. Alternating between an infectious arpeggiated guitar melody (with an absolutely killer harmony part that sounds sooooo good!) and a crushingly heavy guitar riff that would make the Reid brothers weep with envy, this track encapsulates what the very essence of the Adorable sound is: unbelievably catchy and emotional vocal lines combined with melodic and abrasive sounding guitar parts that work in tandem to create something that is at once both beautiful and destructive.
Many Adorable fans cite the track "Homeboy" as the band's zenith and it's easy to see why. This track is easily one of the most infectious pop tunes I have ever heard. The fact that I sing this song in the shower almost daily is a testament to that (laugh). Combining a brooding bass line with simple but effective guitar parts and moody vocals, this track is a homerun for British pop music. Whoever thought that something this dark, moody and angry sounding could also be so incredibly infectious? Adorable proves it can be done with flying colors (as long as those flying colors are all different shades of black---laugh)...
While the band largely stick to this winning formula throughout the record, they do manage to eschew the "one-trick pony" trappings of such bands as The Jesus & Mary Chain by offering songs with wider and more spacious dynamics, such as the introspective sounding "A to Fade In" and the quiet, but still brooding, "Still Life" and "Breathless."
The album closes on a triumphant note with the dramatic "I'll Be Your Saint"---another song that could easily serve as an exemplary example on How To Write A Good Pop Song for all prospective musicians.
To sum up, this is a wonderful record from start to finish. And you don't have to enjoy bands like Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & the Bunnymen & The House of Love to appreciate it. This album is for anyone who treasures well-written pop melodies and music with genuine feeling and emotion. Give yourself a nice little treat and order this album as soon as you can!

Against Perfection的曲目列表

1. Sunshine Smile (5:03)
2. Glorious (4:17)
3. Favourite Fallen Idol (2:40)
4. A To Fade In (4:51)
5. I Know You Too Well (3:41)
6. Homeboy (4:30)
7. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (3:34)
8. Cut #2 (4:43)
9. Crash Sight (4:03)
10.Still Life (2:36)
11.Breathless (5:18)
12.I'll Be Your Saint (3:33)

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