Young Mountain

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This Will Destroy You / 摇滚 / 2006-06-06


The pride of San Marcos, Texas, THIS WILL DESTROY YOU are an instrumental quartet who play a cascading brand of cinematic rock music. "Young Mountain" is their formerly self-released masterstroke, a 6-song, 36 minute composition of aural brilliance that has already garnered an obsessed fanbase both in their home state and in underground circles worldwide. In spite of its previous CD-R-only incarnation, Decoy Magazine featured the album at #5 on their "Top 50 Instrumental Albums of 2005," ranking it ahead of SIGUR R'OS, PELICAN, and other successful modern acts. THIS WILL DESTROY YOU has catapulted quickly to the forefront of American instrumental bands in part due to their geographical lineage. In short, they are the natural progression and modern incarnation of all great Southwestern music from many generations past. Texas is in the blood of these four young men and every note they hang evokes the imagery and feel of traversing the long, lonesome highway of the! Southwest. Bands like THIS WILL DESTROY YOU and EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY have become our new Americana and everyone from T-Bone Walker to Wild Bill Longley are resting more peacefully because of it.

Young Mountain的曲目列表

The World Is Our ___
I Believe In Your Victory
Grandfather Clock
Happiness: We're In This Together
There Are Some Remedies Worse Than The Disease

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