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Kaipa / 2005-06-07


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Kaipa album (originally released in 1975) Inside Out will be releasing two Kaipa albums this year. The brand new studio album Mindrevolutions, (their 8th studio album) is inviting you to another musical journey. With deep roots in the Swedish folk music tradition, Kaipa guides you through a landscape coloured by a myriad of influences, where the narrow path opens up into a highway and suddenly takes you up over the mountains soaring high above your daily life and consciousness. With Mindrevolutions, Kaipa once again prove that dream and reality and pain and joy are possible to unite in a musical way inside their unique music-landscape. The album contains 10 new songs with title track a 26 minute long mind-adventure.

The two original Kaipa members, Hans Lundin on keyboards & vocal and Roine Stolt of Flower Kings fame on guitars and vocal, are accompanied by Morgan Ågren (Zappa, Mats & Morgan) on drums, Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings, Karmakanic, The Tangent) on bass and the wondrous voices of Patrik Lundström (Ritual) and Aleena.


The Dodger (8:09)






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