Billy Talent II

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Billy Talent / 摇滚 / 2006-07-18


Billy Talent’s new album Billy Talent II, is the Toronto-based band’s first new music since the 2003 release of their breakthrough self-titled debut. Billy Talent II sees the band taking punk to new heights, amplifying the explosive energy and earnest lyricism that made their debut an international sensation. Powerful new songs like "Devil In A Midnight Mass," "Surrender" and "Red Flag" are alive with the band’s personal blend of angular angst and irresistible popcraft, all given distinctive focus via singer Ben Kowalewicz’ inventive, issues-oriented songwriting.

Billy Talent II的曲目列表

1 - Devil In A Midnight Mass
2 - Red Flag
3 - This Suffering
4 - Worker Bees
5 - Pins And Needles
6 - Fallen Leaves
7 - Where Is The Line
8 - Covered In Cowardice
9 - Surrender
10 - In The Fall
11 - Perfect World
12 - Sympathy
13 - Burn The Evidence

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