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Readymade FC / 2006-01-31


Babilonia is Readymade FC’s second album and features guest vocalists David Sylvian, Feist and Yael Naïm.

Readymade FC’s debut album, 2001’s Bold, attracted sheaves of plaudits ("ploughs the way for French electronica", waxed national newspaper Libération, typically) and its smorgasbord of influences (hip hop, dub, electro-pop) - not to mention a memorable guest appearance from David Sylvian immediately established Readymade FC as a major force in resurgent French pop.

Fans of the US TV show Nip/Tuck will already be familiar with Verdin’s beguiling music and Babilonia offers timeless music that encompasses subtle electronics as well as miscellaneous acoustic sounds. This is music with a distinctive character that goes beyond the transient dictates of musical fashion -- an instant classic, in other words.


1 Cirkus 4:14
2 Bare Feet 4:20
3 Snow Lion 3:39
Featuring [Vocals] - Feist
4 Not 3:57
5 Slide 2:25
Featuring [Vocals] - Yael Naïm*
6 Simple Appareil 3:37
7 A Fire In The Forest 5:05
Featuring - David Sylvian
8 Cirkus Interlude 0:40
9 Time Machine 3:49
10 The Only One 3:08
Featuring [Vocals] - Yael Naïm*
11 If So, What? 2:09
12 The Last Time 4:13
13 Didi 1:25





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