Peace of Mind 2: Peaceful Mind

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Various Artists / 2004-03-16


Peaceful Mind, from the Peace of Mind Music Collection

Real Music continues their "Peace of Mind Music" series with the second installment, which carries the subtitle Peaceful Mind. Being a Real Music compilation, it pretty much goes without saying that the album lives up to its name. Unlike the first volume Calling Wisdom, this edition exhibits less of an Asian flair; instead, adjectives like "tender" and "sweet" would be more fitting. Many (but not all) of these artists are derived from Real Music’s roster of artists, like 2002, Gandalf, Karunesh and Tim Wheater. Listeners can expect ample synthesizer moods, piano-based compositions, subtle rhythms on a few tunes and Moya Brennan-like female vocals on the Wheater track. All in all, this is a very relaxing , quiet compilation that should definitely provide your mind with ample peace.

~ Dan Cowan, Music Design

Peace of Mind 2: Peaceful Mind的曲目列表

Children of Hope back to earth


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