Monkey Vs. Shark


Thee More Shallows / 2006-05-09


"Thee More Shallows is worth keeping a very close eye on...Dee Kesler creates music that is dark, indirect and chilling. Employing everything from guitars and drums to violins and French horns, Kesler's music at first blush might suggest Grandaddy. But Thee More Shallows' music is more personal and startlingly honest. Vital." - BIG TAKEOVER

Monkey vs. Shark is the latest release from one of San Francisco's brightest indie bands, Thee More Shallows. 2005 was a breakout year for Dee Kesler & Co. as their full-length More Deep Cuts was universally praised for being dark, sinister, epic and fresh, hailed by many as one of the best records of the year. Monkey vs. Shark picks up where More Deep Cuts left off, almost like an appendix. Moody, intense, layered indie rock with a hint of paranoia and Kesler's hushed vocals will drag you into the deep end. This seven-song EP includes a stark rendition of Al Green's "I Can't Get Next To You," first performed on BBC 1 in the UK.

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Monkey vs. Shark


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