Moon Over The Freeway

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The Ditty Bops / 流行 / 2006-23-05


"Combining a magical attic’s worth of dusty musical idioms, iridescent golden harmonies and a quirky lyrical worldview, The Ditty Bops provide a refreshing antidote to the misbegotten, soul-grinding notion of thinking you know what happens next.... Abby DeWald (guitar) and Amanda Barrett (mandolin/dulcimer) embody the simple Saturday afternoon pleasures—of thrift store finds and getting lost in the library—with their amalgam of ragtime, jazz, vaudeville, Western swing and folk, but it would sell the Bops short to lump them in with nostalgia-driven absolutists." (Austin Chronicle) The Ditty Bops are different, way different, and that makes the singing-songwriting-playing duo of Amanda Barrett and Abby DeWald special. On their second album, Moon Over The Freeway, co-produced by Mitchell Froom (Suzanne Vega, Crowded House, Elvis Costello) as was their 2004 self-titled debut, The Ditty Bops are strangely, wonderfully captivating.

Moon Over The Freeway的曲目列表

1. Moon Over The Freeway
2. Angel With An Attitude
3. Fall Awake
4. Aluminum Can
5. Fish To Fry
6. In The Meantime
7. It's A Shame
8. Waking Up In The City
9. Growing Upside Down
10. Get Up 'N' Go
11. Bye Bye Love
12. Nosy Neighbor
13. Your Head's Too Big

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