Strawberry Switchblade

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Strawberry Switchblade / 流行 / 1997-05-25


Japanese pressing of the sole album from this female Pop/Goth duo, originally released in 1985, featuring nine bonus tracks: 'Beautiful End', 'Poor Hearts', 'Ecstasy (Apple Of My Eye)', 'Jolene', 'Black Taxi', 'Trees & Flowers' (Extended Mix), 'Michael Who Walks By Night', 'Since Yesterday' (Extended Mix) and 'I Can Feel'. Although the duo's origins were in Goth and darker musical textures, their album features layers of lush and commercial Pop production that appealed to fans of The Cure, Depeche Mode and other like-minded bands who weren't afraid to mix dark and light musical genres. WEA.

Strawberry Switchblade的曲目列表

Since Yesterday


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