Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You

8.5 78人评价

Josephine Foster / 2005-04-19


'Hazel Eyes' is an invitation to get lost in the wide-eyed acreage of well-worn American song through the ages – intuitive loner folk, flapper blues, American spiritual roughage and acid folk are sewn into a lovely patchwork by one of America’s most adventurous songstresses. Self-produced in the studio with an array of unusual instruments and eclectic arrangements, 'Hazel Eyes' is a fearless collection of 15 self-penned originals written over a five-year period.

Josephine Foster's previous releases topped Best of 2004 lists in Chicago Reader, San Francisco Chronicle, Pitchforkmedia, Dusted, Stylus and Foxy Digitalis.

Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You的曲目列表

The Siren's Admonition


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