Souls to Deny

8.3 297人评价

Suffocation / 2004-04-27


Wildly influential death metal legends SUFFOCATION return with Souls to Deny, their first full length album in nearly a decade. Masterfully controlled yet frightenly intense, Souls to Deny is a truly devastating display of technical death metal. Maniacally complex lead and rhythm guitar acrobatics intermix with dizzyingly proficient drum work, creating complex, savage riff collages. Often copied but never duplicated, SUFFOCATION remains at once intricately technical and immaculately heavy! Crushing brutality from the masters!!

Souls to Deny的曲目列表

1. "Deceit" – 4:40
2. "To Weep Once More" – 4:31
3. "Souls to Deny" – 5:45
4. "Surgery of Impalement" – 3:51
5. "Demise of the Clone" – 4:36
6. "Subconsciously Enslaved" – 4:24
7. "Immortally Condemned" – 6:03
8. "Tomes of Acrimony" – 4:30

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