Yardbirds Story: 1963-66

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The Yardbirds / 2002-06-11


Spread over four generously filled discs, this set contains every released recording The Yardbirds made under Giorgio Gomelsky's (the legendary original manager of The Rolling Stones) mentorship. In addition to several rarities & alternate takes, it also contains outtakes from two recording sessions from 1966, which give a fascinating insight into the group's creative process in the studio. Including their four smash top ten hits, 'Shapes Of Things', 'For Your Love', 'Still I'm Sad' & 'Heart Full Of Soul', the set traces the group's development from hesitant Chicago R&B copyists with Eric Clapton on lead guitar to the swaggering, ear-bending psychedelic rock of the Jeff Beck-fronted line-up. Digitally remastered from the best available audio sources, these seminal recordings have never sounded better. Housed in deluxe hard-back book-style format & meticulously researched & compiled by Yardbird's

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Smokestack Lightning


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