I'll Never Break Your Heart

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Backstreet Boys / 流行 / December 13, 1995


"I'll Never Break Your Heart" is the second single by the Backstreet Boys from their self-titled debut album. It was later included on their US debut album as well. The song was first released in December 1995, then in 1996 for the U.K. and Canada, and subsequently was re-released in 1997 and 1998 off of the U.S. debut. The song peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the U.S., but fared better on the adult contemporary chart, where it became the group's first number one song on this chart.[1] Outside the U.S., the song peaked at #8 on the UK Singles Chart and also went to the Top 10 in Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.
The song replaced "I'll Never Find Someone Like You" on the album, which was to be the band's first single. The band's label, Jive Records, had not committed to using the song for the band, and as a result, it was offered to singer Keith Martin, who accepted it and released it as a single on the Bad Boys soundtrack, and his own albums It's Long Overdue and All the Hits. Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell supposedly discovered this when he heard Martin's song play on the radio one day.[2]
"I'll Never Break Your Heart" was supposedly recorded over two weeks, because Littrell and A. J. McLean, the two lead vocalists on the song, had colds.[2] Spanish vocals for the song, titled "Nunca Te Haré Llorar", were later recorded in Zurich along with a Spanish version of "Anywhere For You".

I'll Never Break Your Heart的曲目列表

1."I'll Never Break Your Heart" (LP Version)
2."I'll Never Break Your Heart" (Spanish Version) - Nunca Te Haré Llorar
3."Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" (Live Version)


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