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Soulfly / 摇滚 / 1998


Limited edition reissue of the 1998 debut album by Brazilian metal group fronted by former Sepultura leader Max Cavalera, complete with new artwork, double digipak packaging and a 13 track bonus CD featuring live cuts & remixes. The extra disc contains 'Tribe' (Fuck Shit Up Mix), 'Quilombo' (Extreme Ragga Dub Mix), 'Umbabarauma' (World Cup Mix), 'Tribe' (Tribal Terrorism Mix), 'Umbabarauma' (Brasil '70 Mix), 'Qui lombo' (Zumbi Dub Mix), 'Soulfly' (Eternal Spirit Mix) and live versions of 'No Hope = No Fear', 'Bleed', 'Bumba', 'Quilombo', 'The

Soulfly 的曲目列表

1-1. Eye For An Eye
1-2. No Hope = No Fear
1-3. Bleed
1-4. Tribe
1-5. Bumba
1-6. First Commandment
1-7. Bumbklaatt
1-8. Soulfly
1-9. Umbabarauma
1-10. Quilombo
1-11. Fire
1-12. The Song Remains Insane
1-13. No
1-14. Prejudice
1-15. Karmageddon
1-16. Cangaceiro (Bonus Track)
1-17. Ain't No Feeble Bastard (Bonus Track)
1-18. The Possibility Of Life's Destruction (Bonus Track)
2-1. Tribe (Fuck Shit Up Mix)
2-2. Quilombo (Extreme Ragga Dub Mix)
2-3. Umbabarauma (World Cup Mix)
2-4. No Hope = No Fear (live)
2-5. Bleed (live)
2-6. Bumba (live)
2-7. Quilombo (live)
2-8. The Song Remains Insane (live)
2-9. Eye For An Eye (live at Indigo Ranch)
2-10. Tribe (Tribal Terrorism Mix)
2-11. Umbabarauma (Brasil '70 Mix)
2-12. Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix)
2-13. Soulfly (Eternal Spirit Mix)

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